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Updated: Dec 4, 2018


A Tour operator is one who is engaged in activities related to making arrangements for accommodation, transportation, sight seeing, entertainment and other tourism related activities in Kerala and having its headquarters and activities based in Kerala.

PEAK Business consultancy Services helps tour operators for filing online application of obtaining Accreditation as Tour Operator.
Online Application for Tour Operators in Kerala

Purpose & Objective

The aims & objectives of the scheme for recognition of Tour Operator are to encourage quality, standard and service in the field of Tour Operation so as to promote tourism in Kerala. The Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala as part of its promotional efforts wants to ensure that it gets credible partners who maintain a certain discipline in the field of tour operation.

Validity of Accreditation

The accreditation as an approved Tour Operator shall be granted by the Director, Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, for two years. After the expiry of the approval period the operator has to apply for renewal again along with the requisite fee/ documents, otherwise their approval will get automatically cancelled.

Conditions for Accreditation

The following conditions must be fulfilled by the Tour Operator for grant of recognition by Department of Tourism:-

  • The application for grant of recognition shall be in the prescribed pro forma (Submit only through Online).

  • The Tour operator should have a minimum paid up capital (capital employed) of Rs.4.00 lakhs duly supported by the latest audited certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant.

  • The turnover in terms of foreign exchange or Indian rupees by the firm from tour related activities only should be a minimum of Rs. 7.5 lakhs and 25 % of the business of the applicant should be from selling Kerala based products and the application should contain duly supported balance sheet/Chartered Accountant’s certificate in proof of the same.

  • The Tour operator should have a proper office with a minimum area of 500 sq.ft. The office should be located in a neat and clean surrounding and equipped with telephone, fax, computer reservation system etc. There should be sufficient space for reception and easy access to toilets.

  • The Tour operator should have a minimum of three experienced and well qualified executive staff under its direct employment out of which at least two should have diploma/degree in travel and tourism from a recognized University, IITM, KITTS or an institution approved by Govt. of Kerala or AICTE. The academic qualification may be relaxed in case of experienced personnel in airlines, shipping, transport, PR agencies, hotels and other corporate bodies and those who have two years experience with Ministry of Tourism approved tour operators.

  • The Agency must clearly indicate its specialization of activities or activity it wishes to pursue as business.

  • The field staff members of the party must be qualified for the activity or must have minimum of three years of practical experience in the field of Tour operation.

  • The agency must maintain in its office premises all the maps and reference material concerning the particular activities it desires to pursue as business.

  • The party must have good quality printing brochures and a website clearly describing its present activities.

  • The firm should clearly indicate the area of specialization in all their promotional and display materials.

  • The tour operator should be an Income Tax assessee and should have filed Income Tax return, for the last two financial years.

  • The Tour Operator should have been in operation for a minimum period of two years before the date of application.

  • The Tour Operator should be registered as per the companies’ act/registered partnership deed / Sole Proprietorship and should possess all valid documents.

  • The Tour Operator should be reregistered with the labour department as per the shop and establishment act of Kerala.

  • Bankers confidential report/statement for a period of latest six months should be submitted along with the application.

  • Separate application with fee shall be submitted for the accreditation and renewal of the Head Office as well as each Branch Office.

  • The Tour Operator shall contract/use approved specialized agencies in the field of adventure options and related services for tourists.

Fees for Registration

The Tour Operator will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of Rs. 6,500/- for head office and Rs. 3,500/- for each branch while applying for the accreditation and renewal.

Note : The DD for the above amount taken in favour of the Director, Department of Tourism Kerala payable at Thiruvananthapuram should reach the following address within seven days from the date of online submission of application along with originals of the certificate from the chartered accountant stating the paid up capital and turnover.

Issue of Certificate

After verifying the application The Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala issues the Accreditation Certificate.

Note :However, the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala may in their discretion refuse accreditation to any firm or withdraw/withhold at any time accreditation already granted at any time. Before such a decision is taken, necessary show cause notice would invariably be issued and the reply considered on merit. Termination will be done only after careful consideration and generally as a last resort. Reasons for withdrawal would be mentioned in the show cause notice and final order.

Eligibility for Incentives and Concessions

Tour Operator granted accreditation alone will be entitled to the incentives and concessions if any granted by the Govt. of Kerala from time to time and shall abide by the terms and conditions of accreditation as prescribed from time to time by the Govt. of Kerala.

Listing of Name

The names of the accredited tour operator alone will be included in all the promotional materials published by the department of tourism and also in the official website.

Guidelines for Employees appointment

The accredited Tour Operator should employ only regional guides trained and licensed by the Ministry to Tourism, Govt. of India and state level guides approved by the State Govt.

Disclaimer : The Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala would not be responsible for any claims by the clients of the approved Tour Operator.

Documents to be submitted in originals

  1. DD in favour of the Director, Department of Tourism.

  2. Certificate from the Chartered Accountant stating the paid up capital and turnover

All communication must be made to :

The Deputy Director (Marketing)

Kerala Tourism

Park View


Tel: 0471-2560444

Email: accreditation@keralatourism.org

The Government of India approved tour operators need to submit the application online in the prescribed format with the required payments as specified and with the self-attested copy of the approval from Government of India. Their accreditation will be given online on submission of the above items.

Documents Required

  1. Letter of Undertaking

  2. Documentary proof (preferably registration certificates from govt.) in support of beginning of operations of your firm.

  3. Copy of Complete Audited Balance Sheet for the latest financial year in support of beginning of operations of your firm.

  4. Income Tax Acknowledgement for the latest assessment year.

  5. GST Registration certificate from the concerned authority

  6. Certificate of Chartered Accountant stating your paid-up capital not less than Rs. 4.00 lakhs.

  7. Upload reference letter on original letter head from your bankers (bankers confidential report)

  8. Details of staff employed giving names ,designation, educational qualification & experience if any,in tourism field(Copies of certificates to be enclosed), and length of service in your organization

  9. List of directors/Partners or name of the proprietor

  10. Details of office premises - Trade License (whether located in commercial or residential area, office space in sq. ft. and accessibility to toilet and reception area

  11. Certificate of Chartered Accountant on original letter head in support of your turnover in foreign exchange/Indian rupees from inbound tour operation only which should not be less than Rs. 7.5 Lakhs during the last financial/calendar year.

  12. Certificate from the chartered accountant showing the details of volume of tourist traffic handled up to the date of application showing foreign and internal tourist traffic separately and proof of 25%of business from selling Kerala based products.

  13. Certificate from labour Department (Shop & Establishment)

  14. Upload attested photograph of Managing Director/Director/Chief Executive

  15. Photographs of the office building exterior (two view)

  16. Photographs of the office building interior (two view)

As issued by the Tourism Department of Kerala.


For Registration and Documentation Support :

Helps Tour Operators to file the Online application for Accreditation in Kerala. Online accreditation for tour operators of Kerala.    Online accreditation of tour operators has been launched as part of login.Kerala, a series of new IT initiatives by the state. Tour operators can register by entering full name, email, mobile no, user name and password. After successful registration users can apply for accreditation online. Separate forms are also available for the tour operators approved by the Central government.
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