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Business Modeling Services
Project Management

The Success or failure of a business depends on the project design. Before launching a new business, one should thoroughly study it and be convinced about the technical and financial feasibility of the proposed project. It is imperative to ensure the smooth and profitable working of the project. Capital identification for the proposed project is another critical step for every project. Presenting the project report before a financial institution / Investor is another hindrance for every new entrepreneur, for this project should satisfy the economic viability, commercial profitability, and social desirability. Investors also check the operation / technical viability of the project. Every process involved in the business must be appropriately modeled and excellently synchronized to get the optimum results. We help start-ups, and existing businesses do an efficient, comprehensive management process for maximum results.


If you sincerely look into any business process or management, there are some complexities. A thorough analysis, study, and management actions are required to simplify these complexities. We help to make these complexities simple to handle. Together we help to accelerate your business in all terms. Business modeling and project management structuring are significant in corporate finance programs. Every venture capitalist must thoroughly look into the industry's future, so efficient process management is essential for corporate financing projects. Business consultancy services like ours help manage your newly implemented projects on the right track to cut the complex edges in the current business environments. We advise the start-ups to engage a business advisory consultancy or board in the initial days to analyze their decision and steps towards their goals. 

A Project has been defined by the Project Management Institute, USA, as " any undertaking with a definite objective by which completion is identified. In practice, most projects depend on finite or limited resources by which the objectives are to be

Project Preparation

The preparation of project report serves the following objectives

  1. Facilitate planning of business for future actions

  2. Procure finance from Investors / Financial Institution to run the business.

  3.  For the compliance of statutory requirements of the country.

​Important aspects to consider at the time of Project preparation / Business Modeling

  • Technology and design aspects.

  • Economic aspects.

  • Social and political aspects.

  • Financial aspects.

Content of the DPR
  1. Background or General Information

  2. Project at Glance

  3. Market Research and Market share

  4. Technical details

  5. Fixed asset details

  6. Project Schedule

  7. Human Resource

  8. Project Cost & Source of finance

  9. Cost of Production

  10. Working Capital Requirement

  11. Financial Ratio's

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