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Start Up / Start A Business Services

Starting a business is very ambitious for young, energetic mindsets. Every startup will be an entrepreneur's vision; achieving success is challenging in this competitive world. The core activity of every business includes production, marketing, sales, administration, accounts, and finance. All these factors must be required for a business's success, and the best combination and configuration of these elements is essential. Nowadays, our government also sophisticated the registration process of startups and provided a lot of financial and non-financial support from their end.  

Initial startup days are crucial to their success and must require utmost care on the day-to-day affairs of accounts and tax compliance. Any non-compliance or ignorance causes a fine and penalty from the statutory part. Government liberalizes its policies against the incorporation of a private company, but at the same time, they make statutory compliance more rigid and increase the fine for non-compliance. So in the initial years of every company, consultant support is excellent to grow better in the future. 

PEAK assist not only startup ventures but also corporate business to do their legal registrations like Trade License, Shop and Establishment License, Labour Welfare Fund, Drug License, Pollution Certificate, etc. All these are legal and statutory registrations that require more time to allot to get. We will take care of all these parts of the business so that the critical person can give more attention to the other essential affairs of the company.


Here PEAK bcs provides different packages to the startups to maintain their initial years better and strong. Please contact us for our support or require more clarifications and a better Quote.  


How we help start up's ?

We help startup's on the following basic requirement of every business. 

1. Developing Business Plan

2. Preparing Financial Viability Statements

3. Business Incorporation / Formation

4. Trademark / Intellectual Property Registrations

5. Trade/ Commercial licenses Registrations

6. Other Statutory Registrations 

7. Preparation of Book of Accounts & Taxation statements

8. Finance / Accounts and Tax Advisory

9. Assistance on auditing and books finalizations

Assistance for Registering a Company in India

PEAK Business Consultancy Service, Kochi, Ernakulam, assists persons looking to start a business in India to register their business establishment in India legally. Registering your own business doesn't have to be daunting, and business registration services exist to streamline the process from start to finish while keeping everything compliant down the road. The best business registration services can file business formation documents for you, provide registered agents, and prepare annual reports. We provide A to Z services for starting a business in India. Legal binding of a business establishment and its registered premises is mandatory for opening Bank Account, obtaining operating licenses, and getting benefits from central and state governments.


Legally registered businesses have more advantages than unregistered companies in their scale-up and development. The PEAK Business Consultancy Services ( PEAK BCS) is a single place where Indian companies can apply for essential business and tax registrations. Here we reduce the time and complexity of registering a new business or using it for additional registrations. 

Registering a Company is not a significant hurdle for entrepreneurs in India; legal maintenance is an enormous task that needs to move forward with the business's growth. To meet the ongoing legal compliance of companies, PEAK BCS professionals help MSME businesses to complete the legal frameworks. This legal maintenance includes accounts preparations, finalization of accounts, auditing, tax compliance, banking operations, and RoC Compliances. 

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